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Become an Energy Masters Volunteer!

Energy Masters is an award-winning program that conserves energy and water. Join a community of volunteers who are passionate about helping neighbors reduce their carbon footprint, their energy and water consumption, and their utility bills. Energy Masters volunteers, after receiving specialized training, deliver hands-on conservation upgrades and community education in affordable housing communities in Northern Virginia.

After hands-on training, volunteers will perform 25 hours (20 hours for student volunteers) of community service annually:

  • Making hands-on improvements in affordable housing units that increase energy and water efficiency.
  • Educating residents and their families to encourage behavior change for sustained impact
  • Delivering educational programs to community groups and students at local schools.
  • Providing educational information and energy and water conservation toolkits to residents who work hard to manage utility costs.

Two applications available:

Community volunteer – Adults new to the program

Student volunteer – High school and young professionals between 16 years and younger than 18 years.

Note: In order to apply, you must create an account in our Better Impact system. Please contact, if you have trouble applying through the Better Impact website and request a copy of the application in Google Forms.

More Info on Application & Training

For more information, visit

Bill Campbell
Energy Masters Program Coordinator
(serving Arlington & Alexandria)
(703) 399-9521

Energy Masters 2022-2023 Training

2023-2024 Community Volunteer Application

 2023-2024 Student Volunteer Application

The application period begins in July and runs through September 30th. Apply by September 9 for an early-bird discount. Training costs $110 ($90 if you apply by September 9). Needs-based waivers available – just ask*
* All are welcome and encouraged to participate in this program, regardless of financial means. If the registration fee is a barrier to your participation, please contact us . Registration fee not required for student volunteers.