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4-H Volunteers

Looking for a chance to teach youth life skills?
Want to grow the next generation of leaders in our community?
Arlington 4-H is the place for you!

Interested in something else, or want to start your own club?
Email 4-H Agent Deborah Madden at to get started!

Many people associate 4-H with farms and livestock. While the program has its roots in rural development, it has evolved along with our nation to meet the needs of urban communities, too! Arlington 4-H specializes in the following focus areas:  

Enviromental Education
Financial Literacy
Cooking & Nutrition
Career Skills

Interested in something else? With volunteer support, we are happy to create new programs to meet all youth's interests.

4-H teaches youth leadership, citizenship, and the life skills needed to reach their full potential. This positive youth developments happens under the caring guidance of trained adult volunteers. 4-Hers are innovative problem-solvers, team players, and community-builders.  

4-H MOTTO: To Make the Best Better!
I pledge …
my HEAD to clearer thinking,
my HEART to greater loyalty,
my HANDS to larger service,
    and my HEALTH to better living,
for my Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.