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About Our Financial Classes

We provide a full complement of financial education courses in the community. To register for a class, or if you have additional questions about programming, scheduling, or free personal financial counseling, please contact Aisha Salazar at

VCE financial education classes are offered on a mnonthly basis at the local public libraries, community centers and other venues throughout Arlington and Alexandria counties. Below is a description of some of our regular offerings.

Please visit the VCE Arlington Calendar for current class offerings.

Course Course Summary
Money Smarts Pay A 3-6 week program where we cover topics such as needs and wants, budgeting, goals, credit scores and banking. These classes are great for anyone needing financial assistance in reducing credit card debt, saving and planning for emergencies, understanding your credit report and credit score, and managing your finances.
Brown Bag Lunch n' Learn
Employers pick the topic(s) to be covered at the workplace. Class titles include: financial basics, credit reports & scoring, investing basics, student loans & repayment. Workplaces in Arlington and Alexandria are eligible.
Classes for College Bound Students & Their Parents
Education classes covering the financial steps to take before a student heads to college. These classes include information about the college loan process.  For more information about financial classes and programs for kids and teens, please visit this page of our website.
Controlling Clutter
A workshop about tackling clutter & becoming organized. Learn how to organize papers & what documents to keep or shred.
Financial Scams: Just Say No!
This interactive session covers common financial scams & how you can protect yourself, especially if you suspect family is the fraudster. Instruction is available in English or Spanish & handouts are available in additional languages of Chinese, Vietnamese & Korean.
Preventing Fraud & Identity Theft
This course covers how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft & what steps to take if you think you are a victim. Instruction is also available in Spanish.
Tax Basics
This class will help participants understand the basic tax forms, what documents they need to prepare tax return, and tips to reduce tax bill.
Small Steps to Health and Wealth
Offers 25 strategies for improving both your physical & financial health. A great program to tie to new year's resolutions.
Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate
This presentation discusses inheritance of family heirlooms & addresses preplanning to designate recipients of personal belongings.
Money 101: Money Management Series for Young Professionals
A three class money management series for young professionals. Learn about salary negotiation, financial basics, student loan debt repayment & investing for your goals.
Money Talk: A Financial Series for Women
This five week course is designed to increase financial knowledge & empower women to make savvy financial decisions. Topics include: financial basics, insurance, investing basics, retirement planning & planning for future life events. Course content can be modified for coed audiences.  
Living well in retirement

This program focuses on how to develop a retirement spending plan, economize on spending, and live well on a fixed income.

Retirement Planning & Investing Basics: TBD